ANGELINE is a talented Trance/House music dj/producer, a classically trained pianist and composer, who has stepped into the electronic music scene with the truly creative artistic mind and soul. 

She possesses a constant innovator state of mind and expresses herself through signature live sound dj sets and unique show and stage productions of her own brands:

"We Are Energy" and "Rio to L.A.".


 "My goal of life is music production and sharing energy with people through music. I am all about Depth, Feelings, Experiencing the Journey, Emotions, Energy, Bright light, Finding your Passion, Exploring your limits and PUSHING the limits further - EXPANDING life for you and around you. Life is give to us once (at least in one particular form), it's so grand and large.

In my life, seeking the light was channeled through music.

I decided to become a DJ and music producer because I want to open up hearts and souls of people, or to take those who are deep and open already, on emotional journeys. I want to give memories to people, to give thoughts to dwell upon... feelings to look forward to living up with... hopes to have deep in hearts.

My sets may go from happy to dark enough, to touch certain STRINGS in SOULS of listeners... It takes one to land into uncomfortable zone to reach out and step it up."

 She introduced her unique idea of combining professional piano playing on keyboard using Spectrasonics plugins with DJ set live, hosted "AVALON" main stage in Hollywood, California, followed by newest "supperclub" Los Angeles

It all started about 15 years ago - while playing Chopin and Rachmaninoff on some of the most notorious stages of Russia and Ukraine, she at that same exact time grew up on the daily beats of Armin Van Buuren, Roger Sanchez, Marcus Schultz, Tiesto, David Guetta, Benny Bennassi, DJ Antoine... The musical taste was formed early on, and pure passion of both classical and electronic music in her life forever kept growing. Now nothing can stop her from music production/dj-ing career.

Born under the sign of "Aquarius" on Feb 1... Wondering around the world with constant music in her thoughts, feelings, deep emotions, sensations... in ideas and visions... in dreams and images - so surreal the moment they become real... in MUSIC... Her energy is contagious... Her life – incredible... Her surrounding – addicted to love... Her music is full of life!... Her mission is to share love for music and positivity with everyone... From Kiev to Moscow... to Los Angeles, through (living in) Miami... to New York and Dubai... Through Chicago and Sydney...

Follow up on newest mixes, videos, event coverage, and upcoming exclusive production tracks.

"The Best Is Yet To Come"... DJ ANGELINE


"I remember going to my classical solo concerts with iPod playing Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta's "World Hold On", Tiesto's "Silence"...

I was practicing piano (always my own desire) 5-6 hours a day and always listening to electronic music with my older brother. After few years of doing that, I could not live without both. I play grand piano passionately and organize solo concerts in Beverly Hills for my dear appreciating followers, and I DJ/produce in Los Angeles and Miami - to express my musicality in modern shape and world.  I am currently working on music production, and my innovative creative mind is craving to express itself URGENTLY after all these years of accumulated music and musical skills. I plan on a lot of collaborations, besides my individual work. My ideas are countless. I breathlessly listen to new creations of talented Kaskade, Chris Lake, ATFC, Tiesto, Van Buuren, Marcus Schultz, David Tort, Chris Kaeser, Laidback Luke, new up-and-rising successful producers of new generation as well - they all inspire me.

I grew up on trance music in Europe, but living in South Beach, Miami Beach, absolutely influenced me to spin uplifting house music later. A lot of my mixes are house music, but my calling is more progressive. I experiment with sound.

I love MUSICALITY  - lots of instrumentals, vocals, melody, story into the track, creativity. Electronic world needs more and more ;)

Electronic music is often called "repetitive" in USA. As professional musician, classical pianist and DJ, I want to combine a lot of elements of musicality and composition into my unique shows and performances.

Creative Process of Innovation has started!!! Electronic music is for lovers of the BEAT and the SOUND per se. My heart and body unquestionably pump to beats of deep house, to sounds of and rhythms of trance music, to beats of quality house and electro-house. And I love exclusive vocals of talented singers - with always uplifting lyrics to make one reflect on state of mind, heart, and soul.

Journey. Experience. The feel. Depth. Energy. Search. More journey. These words run through my soul when I think of music.

My relationship with music is very unique. As a DJ, I can touch a lot of genres, and people feel ME, my energy, and go with what I feel.

I want to share FEELING through music. TO share love. TO exchange energy. WE ARE ALL ENERGY. Universe is made of energy. We are all those molecules.. And with the right energy, we exponentially grow in every possible direction. Isn't that exciting?

It makes my heart smile, to have music to express my soul. It's an unbelievable channel, so pure and so available to everyone. It's free and it's there. Use it.

DJ Angeline..